Taveuni Diving

Taveuni Ocean Sports has created a service that is unrivalled in Fiji… our choice of operators with stellar guest feedback and their perfect safety record with 25 years of teaching experience in the dive industry. Their exclusively local PADI Dive Professionals and Captains are incredibly educated, articulate and passionate about sharing this truly special eco-system on the Rainbow Reef. Their dive shop is highly rated on Tripadvisor for over 14 years as a result of their efforts to truly cater to the needs of their divers.

Certified divers will be in soft coral and biodiversity heaven. Every level of training from PADI Discover Scuba Diving (first time divers) up through professional Dive Master ratings are available. All PADI Open Water Courses start off in their own custom-built swimming pool, perfect for learning the basics before heading out to the Rainbow Reef for some of the best diving in the world. Snorkeling, free diving and surfing lessons/charters are also available along with spectacular island-hopping trips to remote beaches and outer islands.

Taveuni Ocean Sports makes it obvious to their guests that safety is their #1 priority coupled with crystal-clear communication, extremely detailed briefings, Emergency Contingency Plans, education AND a whole lot of fun – this balance is what makes the experience really different and unique.

All staff are trained underwater naturalists and every guest will receive incredibly detailed marine biology lectures. They can identify not only just about every species found on the Rainbow Reef but can also explain the lifecycle and behaviors of the organisms encountered which ads a wonderful element for guests…..who feel honored to be educated by indigenous professionals about their own backyard. Ratios of never more than 4 divers per Dive Master means more individualized attention regardless of group size…. and a more relaxed and enjoyable dive for all. Ratios are further reduced if necessary depending upon diver comfort level.

The owner, Julie Kelly, is an avid water woman, starting her first dive shop at the age of 22 in Hawaii, and considers the ocean to be her life-force. She has been a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer for 25 years, surf instructor and licensed Boat Captain; and has spent 12 years doing yearly Reef Check studies on the Rainbow Reef and the Waitabu MPA, monitoring fish and invertebrate counts, substrate analysis and water temperature logging with renowned marine biologists in Fiji. She is also passionate about surfing , outrigger canoe paddling, free diving and marine biology.

Taveuni Ocean Sports has two shop locations….one in Matei, which is an eclectic overwater bungalow with a large sun deck, great snorkeling access, an activity center, spa, kava bar, and performing arts venue with a very chilled and relaxed Fijian vibe.

Their second location is 15 minutes north of Aroha, perfectly situated for its very close proximity to the Rainbow Reef. This translates to only 15-20 minute rides to over 25 dive sites. This is the main dive shop where all 4 boats are moored, ranging from 7.5 to 12 meters. All boats are well-maintained, aluminum and are purpose-built for diving with large user-friendly ladders and full shade. Having a choice of 4 boats is a superb way to cater to families or friends who want their own private boat or conversely, a larger group coming from overseas who want to be together as a team.

The shop is perched by the sea and is eco-friendly, built from 3 recycled shipping containers and covered with sustainable local bamboo. All boat engines are 4 stroke Suzukis which are fuel-efficient and are low in carbon emissions.

Taveuni Ocean Sports will contribute to your taxi fare to transport you to their dive shop... also included is free gear rental, a full lunch, water, fresh juice, hot tea and dry towels.

Reservations are made directly with Taveuni Ocean Sports, who may be contacted for more information via phone or WhatsApp at (+679) 867 7513 or email at dive@taveunioceansports.com