Adventure Tours from Aroha Taveuni

Map of Taveuni

  • We do not take any commission for tours, excursions, diving or fishing packages; Fees are paid directly to the villagers/taxi drivers/guides/operators concerned.
Taveuni blowhole

The Blowhole

The Blowhole at the Southern end of the island is quite spectacular to watch when in action. To complement this tour combine it with a half day tour of Bobby’s farm, tour No 3, to take in fish feeding, snorkeling and bird watching.

Horse trekking, Taveuni

Horse Trekking

Horse trekking offers you a half day or full day trek. The half day trek takes you into the mountain volcano craters for outstanding views, or along the shoreline if you wish.
The full day tour takes you right up into the mountain region of the volcanic craters, check out the local farmers cropping in the craters. From this area you get views of both sides of the island, where people flocked to for the millennium to see the first sunrise in the world. Fresh local fruit picked for your enjoyment on the way.

Taveuni forest hike

Na Bogi Ono Farms (Bobby’s Farm)

This is an education tour of nature like nowhere else in the world. Bobby is renowned for his knowledge of the traditional herbal medicines, local flora, and bird life. He has been practicing conservation on his farm for the past 35 years, and will soon be fully organic. The combination of lush tropical forest, unique birds, tropical fruits, Fijian Medicinal Plants, and the natural tropical aquarium of the marine reserve makes Na Bogi Ono Farms a unique experience in Taveuni

Taveuni golf club

Soqulu Golf and Country Club

Soqulu Gold of Country Club offers to visitors a beautiful 9 hole, par three course hugging the coastline; very pretty.
Club hire and green fees apply.

Holy Cross Church, Wairiki

Holy Cross Church

Not an adventure tour but well worth the five minute walk on a Sunday morning to listen to the beautiful singing of the local villagers. Mass at 7am, 9am, and 11am each Sunday

Lake Aselemo, Taveuni
Another lake, Fiji
Tagimoucia flower

Des Voux Peak

4WD to the top of Fiji’s third highest mountain and be amazed with the outstanding views. The drive to the peak is approximately one hour. To make this a truly memorable full day out, for serious hikers, tramp into the newly discovered Lake Aselemo, this beautiful lake is a 2 and a half hour hike each way through tropical rainforest with the most outstanding views of virgin bush, an amazing gorge to be seen to be believed - and abundant with birdlife.

This is one of Taveuni’s best kept secrets. If you are fortunate enough to do this hike in October, November or December you will witness the blooming of the famous Tagimaucia flower, this flower is unique to Taveuni.

Korolevu Island

Koro Levu Island

Snorkeling at beautiful uninhabited Koro Levu is a must do, pretend you are living your dream on this deserted island in paradise. Taveuni Dive company will pick you up from Aroha and drop you off when they take their divers out and will pick you up on returning with their divers, approximately 8.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. A cell phone will be provided if you need to be picked up earlier.

Angel fish at Rainbow Reef, Taveuni

Snorkel The Rainbow Reef

Snorkel The Rainbow Reef with Taveuni Dive, boat pick up from beach in front of us when tide is right, or vehicle pick up for a short drive to their boats if tide too Low

Meridian date line, Fiji

Meridian Date Line

The only place in Fiji to have one foot in yesterday and one in today.

Natural water slide, Fiji

Taveuni’s Natural Waterslide

Taveuni’s Natural Waterslide is a short taxi ride past the Meridian Dateline, well worth going to watch the local children 'surfing' down the waterslide. Have a go yourself with caution, take insect repellent, the mosquitoes are hungry all day long.

Cultural Village Tour

Experience a Cultural Village tour, see how the Fijian people lead their daily lives, eat the food, drink the kava, listen to the singing, watch the dancing. this is a very popular tour. One day’s notice required by the village.

Civa Pearls

A great tour with beautiful snorkeling and a chance to see a pearl farm in operation. Fijian pearls are renowned for their beautiful colour range. Pearl farmers Claude and Danielle have a beautiful boutique "CIVA" at Matei next door to Suncity Supermarket. Buy spectacular pearls direct from the grower – they will never be better priced than this.

Waitabu marine park

Waitabu Marine Park

Waitabu Marine Park is within Bouma National Heritage Park. It was established in 1998, the first of its kind in Taveuni. Amazing snorkeling tours with guides, equipment provided. The coral re-growth and hundreds of fish species and marine life is a must do whilst on Taveuni. There are two tours to choose from :

(a) Cultural Experience Tour : “Bilibili” Ride (traditional raft), guided snorkeling tour, tea and refreshments, local musicians, minimum 2 persons.

(b) Backpackers Tour: Outboard boat transfer, Guided snorkeling tour, snorkeling equipment. Minimum 2 persons.

Taveuni rainforest

Vidawa Rainforest Hike & Bird Watching

Vidawa Rainforest Hike & Bird Watching is also within Bouma National Heritage Park. This hike is all about learning ‘local history’ from the guides as taught to them by their forefathers. This is a full day trek, you will be taken deep into the old forests, past ancient village sites, stunning views of the island and it boasts some of the best bird watching areas in Taveuni. The full day hike includes, knowledgeable guides, lunch, swim at Tavoro Falls.

taveuni waterfall

Tavoro Waterfalls

Tavoro Waterfalls also within in the Bouma National Heritage Park, the whole hike takes approximately 3 hours, the tracks are clearly defined so no guides are necessary. The first waterfall is an easy 10 minute flat walk, Grannies can do this one easily, this is the most photographed and most famous of all the waterfalls in Taveuni. The second and third waterfalls are of an increasing difficulty, recommended for the able bodied. Once again the panoramic views are well worth the extra effort.

Lavena waterfalls, Taveuni
Lavena waterfalls, Taveuni

Lavena Coastal Walk

(a)This also is part of Bouma National Heritage park, Lavena is situated at the end of the road, literally. The coastal walk is mostly flat so everyone can walk it with relative ease. At the end, is the treat of swimming in the beautiful double waterfall. Approximately 1.5 hour walk each way.

(b) OR, you can kayak along the remote coastline and enjoy a picnic (take your own lunch) on the way, and return to Lavena along the Coastal Walk after a refreshing swim at the double waterfall, to make this a great combination trip. This includes twin seat kayaks, guided tour. To ensure guest safety their boat follows behind kayakers for the duration of the trip.

(c) OR, book a scenic boat trip down the Southern shoreline of Taveuni, past rocky shores, sandy beaches, fringing reefs and countless stunning waterfalls. Return via the Coastal walk with a local guide who will explain the area’s plants, history and culture. Finally relax with a cup of fresh lemongrass tea and complimentary pastries.